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My graduation project is grounded in my passion: ordering, organizing and sorting things. The visual emptiness that is created in an organized room by this, forms the key element to my design.


Products become more simple and harmonious when they are part of or within ordered structures.


While organizing my belongings, I noticed that there are various ways to order things. I took photos of my belongings and translated these images into graphics, simplifying them by reducing their shape and colour. I rearranged these graphic forms into new orders and finally turned them into a new, cleanly designed product: Tweelo.


TWEELO is a handcrafted parallel bike designed for two people who enjoy an ordered and well structured bicycle ride. Two identical bikes are connected with detachable bars. There is a box attached to the frame bar that provides an all-round camping and kit: a tent that can be put over the bike construction, sleeping bags, dishes, cooking supplies, espresso pot and much more. The whole box is organized in absolute order within my design philosophy.



To see more photos of the exhibitions in Cologne, Maastricht and Eindhoven, click here.


Credits ©2015

Photography - Tino Kukulies

Model - Hülya Yilmaz