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DRUPPELRACE Inspired by raindrops running down windows, these sticker provide a little amusement on rainy days. Chose your favorite colour and guess which one will make the race!






BLOODLINES  is a game based on the idea of doing an individual research of family trees of a random person. Try to find as many information as you can get. Follow these easy instructions to get into this game.


Grab your BLOODLINES  backpack and go to the cemetery of your choice.


Open your Backpack, take one tile from BAG 1 and follow the instructions.

Take another tile from BAG 2 and follow the given instructions

If you are stuck take another, and another..

and another tile from BAG 2. It will help.

If you are really stuck, take a tile from BAG 3.

Don’t forget: write down everything you find out and try to create a FAMILY TREE.

Use the stuff in the backpack.

If you have got 20 pieces of information of the family tree, (Names, dates, children, jobs..) you are done, filled with euphoria, a feeling of happiness and excitement.


It’s perfectly fine to play this game as a single player. It can also be played in a team or in competition with other teams.

Be there or be square!