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The Liége Memory Dishes is a conceptual project for the Liège Design Week 2015 (Triennial) in Liége, Belgium.


The Liége Memory Dish Kit is a product which is made to connect people by stories.

If you have a favourite place with a story connecting to this place, you can save it.


Different memories and persons create unique shapes. You can make your own personal dish.


To see more photos of the exhibition in Liège click here.




THE CRAPULENCE CUTLERY THE CRAPULENCE CUTLERY is a conceptual project of a subject called autonomous idea development which was part of my studies at the Academy. This cutlery is inspired by the seven deadly sins. I chose for crapulence, also known as Gula to connect this product with. In our society you can have almost every kind of food and as much as you like. Wasting food is a common problem, it is present everywhere: from supermarkets, restaurants or your own household. This cutlery is getting self-liquidating within a few minutes. It melts with the contact of humid objects like food or your hands. With this cutlery you have about 20 minutes to eat your dish until the cutlery breaks or dissolves.